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Promotion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology in East African Community (EAC) Justice Delivery: The Case of Tanzania

The study delved into the promotion and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the Tanzanian justice delivery system, with a specific focus on its implications and potential policy recommendations. The study employed a qualitative approach, encompassed desk reviews, qualitative data collection through interviews, analysis of case studies, and interventions to raise awareness about AI's intersection with the justice system.

The findings underscore a varied awareness of AI adoption among legal professionals, with a significant proportion acknowledging its potential benefits. However, challenges such as limited training, infrastructure constraints, and ethical considerations hinder seamless integration. The study advocates for targeted AI training programs, fostering collaborations for knowledge sharing, and crafting a comprehensive policy framework to address legal, ethical, and technological aspects. These policy recommendations strive to facilitate responsible AI adoption and promote a technologically proficient Tanzanian Justice System, ultimately ensuring fair, accessible, and efficient legal processes.